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Sales Services
Products can be obtained by moving the point of sale, such as telephone, etc. on these points. way be to place an order, or on the Internet as the means of cargo can also be purchased through the buy. Ironing machines, industrial iron, iron prices, iron price, garment press
Production System
Except for products that we produce customer usage errors, manufacturing and assembly provide product warranty for a period of one year from conformances.
Shuttle Service
We trust in our quality products quality up service. Holds customer satisfaction above all else experienced, fast and reliable service is always with you all over Turkey. Ironing Service, spare parts for irons, ironing repair
Spare Part
Our company is engaged in the sale of retail and wholesale ironing machines and spare parts. Carried out nationwide delivery of all products. Our products have been selected first-class imported goods.
Quality Certificates
Parables are already documented in the eyes of customers, the quality of machine, CE - taking into consideration the ISO 9001 quality certificate are provided and available to consumers. At the same time, the quality and sufficiency rating agencies globally recognized quality certificates.